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Men on the Mountain has a variety of presentation types ranging from a group discussion (geared for all male groups), to an overall presentation about the "Man Box" and education about gender identity.

Man Talks

Man Talks is a discussion group on how masculine identity influences the lives of individuals in the group and how their identity was produced.  This presentation is best if a group is wanting to meet for several weeks at a time to better understand their identity and how their identity has been influenced by society and also influences society.

The Man Box

The Man Box is a 45-minute presentation geared towards an initial understanding of masculinity in society. The presentation asks individuals to think about the ways they have been taught masculinity in society.

Understanding Patriarchy

This presentation is geared towards understanding the harmful effects of patriarchy on oppressed members of society and how the patriarchy exists at all.  Education is done though understanding of social justice key terms and the role men play as the privilieged group in society.

Masculinity in the Media

Masculinity in the Media is a presentation geared towards more advanced understanding of the way masculinity is presented in pop culture.  Through the viewing of commercials, movie clips and other media the group gains understanding of the way media influence our understanding of gender and masculinity.

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